STRUCTAflor® TERMIflor® is termite protected structural grade particleboard sheet flooring, providing cost-effective long-term defence against termite damage.


  • Protected against termite damage – treated in accordance with Australian Standards
  • STRUCTAflor® TERMIflor® has a Blue coloured edge wax to identify floor type
  • STRUCTAflor® TERMIflor® has unique colour-coded tongues to identify thickness;
    • Yellow Tongue – 19mm for joist centres up to 450mm
    • Red Tongue – 22mm for joist centres up to 600mm
    • Blue Tongue – 25mm heavy duty for joist centres up to 600mm
  • Inbuilt moisture protection
    • Wax impregnated throughout
    • Edge wax coated
    • No need to seal uncut edges
  • Produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine
  • This product comes with a guarantee with Koppers. Conditions apply. See www.kopperspc.com.au for details
  • Manufactured from Australian plantation pine

Produced to meet Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1860.1 Particleboard Flooring Part 1: Specifications.

For more information, view our Termiflor Brochure or please visit Borg Manufacturing