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UAC Berhad is one of Asia’s top pioneers of a comprehensive range of innovative cellulose fibre cement products, including flat boards, patterned boards, eaves lining, skirting and cornices, smooth and wood-grained planks and panels, woodlike strips, perforated boards, and flush-joinable flat boards.

With a wide range of applications spanning the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, leisure, and hospitality sectors, UAC Berhad provides solutions for ceilings, partitioning, feature wall linings, cladding, fascia, skirting and cornices, decking, flooring, and many more.


The ultimate multipurpose building board. UAC Superflex is suitable for many general building purposes, including ceilings and wall partitions, whether internally or externally. It is ideal for gable ends, façades, eaves lining, soffits, permanent formwork, and
substrate flooring.

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This Premium board is made for the exclusives who only want the best. It has an unsanded surface and the recessed edge profile makes this the ultimate flush-joinable boards developed to create a homogeneous seamless joint that can be tiled on to an entire wall or ceiling with a smooth, seamless covering. Ideal for use in bathrooms.

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Plank combines the aesthetics of timber with the hardiness and toughness of fibre cement. Coming in 2 variations, Plank Smooth is a non-textured plank for simplicity and naturality, whilst Plank Sedartex Woodgrain is permanently woodgrain-textured to resemble a natural wood plank.

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Vistabord is a versatile and flush-jointable board with a recessed edge that’s perfect for creating smooth and seamless walls and ceilings. It can accept a majority of finishes like paint, tiles, wallpaper, and many more.

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Shiplap Plank

Plank Shiplap transforms the appearance of plain walls into a smooth and polished wood covering, smartly assembled for external and internal wall cladding, gable end, feature walls, ceilings, soffits, siding, fencing, fascia, eaves lining, and weatherboarding.

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Supertex Panel

Decorate your walls with the natural wood-like product from UCO Supertex Panel. It is designed to mimic the aesthetics of wood texture eliminating the limitations of timber while being termite and rot-proof.

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DecoWood is developed with the elegance of natural wood while maintaining the inherent durability and toughness of high-quality fibre cement. It is ideal for both internal and external application. Achieve a long-lasting woodlike finish with suitable paints. It also comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses to fit your construction and
renovation needs.

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Lattice is a must-have decorative addition to properties to enhance building aesthetics. Versatile, inexpensive, and long-lasting, UAC Lattice comes in two designs, square and diamond, and is suitable to be used as room dividers, pergolas, fencing, privacy screens,
windbreakers for barbeque areas and pool sides, feature panels, patios, verandas, and more.

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