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PPG is a global manufacturer of paints, coatings, and speciality materials and a Fortune 200 company with headquarters in Pittsburgh and operations in nearly 70 countries around the world.


As one of the world’s leading producers of advanced automotive paint systems, PPG provides customers with a wide range of product options featuring specific properties to suit virtually any application.

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Industrial Coatings

PPG continuously develops innovative products which enhance customers’ revenue streams through new aesthetics, enhanced performance properties and increased application efficiency. PPG has an integrated global team of professional colour stylists, chemists and technical application experts to help manufacturers to turn new coatings technologies into viable products which will integrate seamlessly into global supply chains.

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Protective and Marine Coatings

PPG is widely recognised as a world leader in protective and marine coatings, developing innovative, cutting edge products and services that are designed to deliver value for money and protect customers’ assets.

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AMERLOCK 400 Epoxy Coating

Amerlock is the high-solids (85%), high-build epoxy protective coating that has revolutionised maintenance painting in tough industrial, marine and offshore environments around the world. Amerlock coatings are especially formulated to solve complex corrosion problems with minimal preparation. For durable, dependable protection from chemicals and corrosion in a variety of industrial and Infrastructure applications, there is an Amerlock coating for every maintenance job – even yours.

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Universal primer – increased environmental compliance. The SIGMAPRIME range offers excellent water and corrosion resistance when applied to steel and non-ferrous metals, exhibiting excellent adhesion, flow and wetting properties, as well as outstanding crack resistance and edge retention. It provides exceptional anti corrosive protection due
to its excellent adhesive qualities on shop primer, steel (blasted or mechanically pre-treated), aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and hydro-jetted surfaces. The SIGMAPRIME universal primer can also be overcoated with virtually all other coating types, such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, alkyd, chlorinated rubber, vinyl and fire retardant.

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Sigmarine 48

General purpose gloss finish, cost effective above-water protection. SIGMARINE 48 is an economical finish coat that fits this scenario perfectly and helps to present a good corporate image whilst protecting the asset. This coating provides value for money, asset protection, and a professional appearance combined with minimal application cost and reduced application effort.

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Sigmadur 550

Hard working coatings with a long lasting finish PPG SIGMADUR 550 is an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane gloss finish coat designed to protect the most visible surfaces where lasting, high-quality appearance is every bit as important as protection. Packed with a number of high-performing characteristics, it is the perfect choice for a variety of situations, including those in the toughest environments, such as offshore platforms, the exterior of oil and gas storage tanks, bridges, stadia, amusement parks, wind and transmission towers.

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Sigmashield 880

Multipurpose surface tolerant epoxy for protecting assets in extreme industrial and marine environments. As a fast drying, single coat system, PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 speeds up the coating process and minimizes downtime. Application is simplified further by the coating’s high surface tolerance (suitable for damp or wet-blast clean substrates), extended recoat window and high film thickness that is achieved in just one coat.

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