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Polytec is an Australian owned supplier of cabinet doors, panels, benchtops and laminates.


Carcass Board

Polytec Carcass Whiteboard is a high quality particleboard / MDF with a white melamine surface bonded to both sides. The melamine surface is non-porous and hardwearing making it ideal for internal cabinetry.

Melamine Doors & Panels

Kitchen cupboard doors and panels often cover the largest surface in your kitchen. To give your kitchen distinctive character, our Melamine range offers an extensive variety of colour and decorative finish options, including Texture, Matt, Ashgrain, Finegrain, Sheen, Woodmatt and the new Smooth range.


Benchtops & Laminate

Polytec’s innovative Benchtops range contains over 150 realistic stone structures, woodgrainsand neutral solid colours and remains unrivalled in the decorative surfaces industry.

Compact Laminate

As the consummate, long-lasting, low-maintenance, decorative panel, polytec’s Compact laminate is a go-to product for the most demanding professional interior and external joinery environments.


We have a wide and diverse range of melamine and plastic edges which are always the right fit for your material and your design.

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