Pacific Foil

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Sisalation is an effective thermal insulation material because of the high reflectivity and low emissivity of its aluminium
foil surfaces. It provides an effective barrier against moisture, vapours, wind, heat and dust penetration when overlapped.

Paper Foil Sisalation

Foil Sisalation is available in both single-sided and doublesided with either an aluminium foil and/or aluminium film. High quality kraft paper is customized with the reinforcement of polyester yarn, and glass fibre scrim and can be tailored to the specific application and specification.
Tac-Foil and Meta-Foil can be laminated with other types of insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool and others

Bubble Foil

Bubble Foil is available both single-sided and double-sided and provides excellent insulation properties due to the air trapped within the individual bubbles. It significantly increases the effectiveness of the thermal barrier to radiation heat sources with resistance to convection and conduction. In addition, Air-Tac bubble foil provides sound insulation as an added advantage.

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Foam Foil

XPE Foam Foil is designed for thermal, sound insulation, suitable in the building and construction field where thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound and vibration are critical. XPE Foam Foil as a reflective insulation under all types of roof coverings in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It is also suitable for duct insulation, tubular pipe and raised floor.

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