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MML tiles graces the walls and floors of residential homes and commercial spaces in over 80 countries around the world. Over the years, the brand has received nods for a number of prestigious architectural projects.
lt’s time to celebrate new spaces by transforming the mundane into a new dimension. Where every size of tile we have is made with extraordinary attention to detail. Large, medium or small, whatever your size preference is, the winning look is just a tile away.


Drawing its inspiration from the monochrome finishing of soft cement surfaces, CASTLE provides the ideal canvas to create a modern and minimalistic space. The understated facade of CASTLE comes in four basic colours of white, brown, light grey and dark grey.

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Wield the power of wood with TIMBER TECH by MML. From warm brown and gentle ash to iridescent ivory and compelling charcoal tones – this range delivers versatility and comfort in just the right colour, texture, and finish to capture that perfect mood.

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Indulge in timeless surfaces, and neutral shades of browns and greys with BLUSTONE tiles by MML, reminiscent of the natural smoothness of stone, to beautifully adorn every space.

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Natural stone interior look reaches new heights with the speckled stone elegance of SAYLEE. In shades of white, cream and greys, SAYLEE is the 6th of the 7 mashable tile series from the MML® STYLE MAKER collection. Getting that classic look, or that minimalist look, or that modern look for your home or work spaces is a simple with MML® STYLE MAKER’s easy tile combinations.

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Designed for the minimalist who would like to infuse a touch nature into their surroundings, ALISTA introduces three different concepts of minimalism – Contemporary Minimalism, Natural Minimalism, Weathered Minimalism.

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A harmonious blend to all spaces, the clean and sleek SANCTUARY tiles by MML, offers a charming selection of glossy sheen, smooth waves and delicate lines to grace your walls. Dazzle your crowd with SANCTUARY, radiating in an understated sense of sophistication.

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The COSMO collection adorns your spaces with the well-loved mosaic design of Terrazzo, minus the colourful chips of conventional Terrazzo. Adding a delightful hint of nostalgia to your ambiences with a modern achromatic finish, COSMO is rich in design yet pleasing in neutral
hues of white and greys.

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