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Australian Owned & Made. Luxury Paints manufactures paint products to the highest standard and reliability.

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Decorative Products

Speedprep Sealer Primer Undercoat

Speedprep Sealer Primer Undercoat is a premium quality water based sealer, primer and undercoat designed for interior and exterior use. Speedprep Sealer Primer Undercoat can be recoated with either Luxury Paints water or oil based topcoats.

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Multi Purpose Undercoat

Multi Purpose Undercoat is a premium quality oil based interior/exterior primer and undercoat with excellent filling and sanding properties. It provides superior gloss retention for further topcoats. Can be recoated with either Luxury Paints water or oil based topcoats.

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Non Drip Ceiling White

Non Drip Ceiling White is a premium quality, interior flat ceiling paint designed with outstanding hiding power. The special ‘non drip’ formulation enables ease of application with minimal amount of splatter.

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Sunshield Low Sheen

Sunshield Low Sheen is a premium quality, high opacity low sheen paint finish designed for interior/exterior areas such as pergolas, outdoor furniture, fences etc.

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Easiclean Silk Low Sheen

Easiclean Silk Low Sheen is a premium quality, washable silk finish designed for interior walls and ceilings. It is also suitable for use in wet areas.

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Gloss Enamel

Gloss Enamel is a premium quality interior/exterior enamel that has superior durability, gloss and colour retention. It provides a durable, high gloss finish on doors, trims etc wherever a hard wearing and washable finish is required. It is ideal for use in high traffic areas and wet areas.

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Industrial products

Easi Spray Metal Primer

Easi Spray Metal Primer is based on tough alkyd resin and zinc phosphate that impart good anti corrosive properties on steel. Suitable for agricultural parts, earthmoving equipment, structural steel, switchboards and production line painting. Normally over-coated with conventional air drying spraying enamels such as Superlux Industrial QDR range.

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Xtreme Enamel

Xtreme Enamel is a high gloss and quick drying enamel having very good flexibility, water and petrol resistance. Suitable for use on agricultural implements, general machinery and earthmoving equipment.

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Specialty Products

Coolit Ceram All Metal Primer

Coolit Ceram All Metal Primer is designed to be top-coated with the Coolit Ceram Colour coatings for heat minimisation mainly on metal roofs and metal wall cladding; but can be used where-ever ambient heat build-up minimisation on external metal surfaces is required.

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Coolit Ceram Colours

The cutting-edge technology used in the Coolit Ceram colours permits significantly lower heat ingress to penetrate the under-roof space which then radiates through into the living/working spaces of homes and buildings while maintaining maximum durability and service life of the roof coating and the actual roofing material.

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Graffiti Buster 200

Graffiti Buster 200 is a two pack water based clear anti graffiti coating designed for the protection of stone, brick, concrete and previously painted timber and metal substrates. Graffiti Buster 200 is classified within the “permanent type” of anti graffiti coatings as it withstands repeated graffiti cleaning cycles before re-application is required.

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Timber products

Acrylic Timberclear Tuff

Acrylic Timberclear Tuff is a penetrating, clear, water borne exterior finish for timber decks, doors, windows and garden furniture that have been primed with Timberprime Clear.
Acrylic Timberclear Tuff is formulated to retain the natural appearance by highlighting the timber grain whilst giving maximum protection against ultraviolet degradation and fungal.

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