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CSR Gyprock is Australia’s leading manufacturer of gypsum based products such as plasterboard and cornice, as well as compounds, adhesives, specialty plasters and associated finishing materials and accessories.

Gyprock supplies a comprehensive range of high performance products and systems for many applications to meet fire, acoustic and thermal requirements across all segments of the construction industry.


Residential Select Range

Products in the high quality Select range are recommended for use in the majority of non-specialist wall and ceiling applications.

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Commercial Select Range

These Select Range plasterboards are designed to satisfy the majority of basic performance requirements in commercial projects.

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Commercial Specialty Options

Gyprock manufactures a number of special purpose plasterboards for applications requiring specific properties not catered for by the Commercial Select Range.

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Gyprock Standard 6mm Round

Traditional pattern layout supplied without acoustic fleece backing – an economical aesthetic solution where moderate levels of acoustic attenuation is required.

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Gyptone Perforated Range

Contemporary grid-style perforated patterns for exceptional acoustic performance. Flexible and standard board options with built-in Active Air technology.

Rigitone Perforated Range

Edge to edge pattern layouts for a monolithic, seamless design with Activ’Air technology and exceptional acoustic performance.


Cove Range

An Australian classic due to its functional profile, Cove is available in 55mm, 75mm and 90mm sizes.

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Ceiling Tiles

Plasterboard-based ceiling tiles used in suspended grid ceilings in commercial applications.

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Solutions for fixing plasterboard and cornice to timber, steel and masonry surfaces.

All - Purpose Compounds

The most versatile of our compounds, Gyprock all-purpose compounds can be used as all three coats in a jointing system.

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Used to provide strength and rigidity in the first coat of a three coat plasterboard jointing process.

Base Coats

The first two coats of a three coat joining system, Gyprock base coats offer superior adhesion and are the foundation for a perfect finish.

Topping Compounds

Gyprock topping compounds are developed to be easy to apply and sand to provide a smooth finish in a three coat jointing system.


Sealants for caulking penetrations and joints for moisture, fire and acoustic performance.


Finishing Tools


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A range of products developed to make installing plasterboard and cornice easy for the home improvement enthusiasts.

Jointing Compounds

Gyprock proven jointing system in handy sizes suited to smaller DIY projects.

Patch and Repair

Fix up minor damage like a pro with this range of easy to use patch and repair products.