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Britex is Australia’s premier manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel products for commercial building projects.


Child Care / Primary / Secondary / Tertiary

Education products are designed according to the specification guidelines set out by state education departments. Where a state’s Department of Education specification document outlines a unique design that differs from other states, this has been noted. Education products are generally vandal resistant, functional, hard wearing, easy to maintain and incorporate numerous unique safety features.

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Police Stations / Detention Centers / Jails

These products have been selected as the fixtures most suitable for security projects in that they are highly resistant to deliberate acts of force, tamper resistant and are, in many cases, free of ligature points. Common features of these designs include fully enclosed plumbing connections, entirely welded constructions and low profile or timed flow tapware options.

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Health Science

Hospitals / Laboratories / Aged Care / Medical Centres

Britex has developed this product range over many years spent in close consultation with Australia’s premier Health / Science design Architects. Included in this range are specially designed benches, troughs, basins, flushing sinks and waste disposal fixtures. They are designed to meet the strict documented guidelines set out by Health Professionals for their unique intended use. For this reason, Britex products are consistently selected by designers for inclusion in Australia’s finest hospitals, research institutes and medical facilities.

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Public Amenities

Stadiums / Public Toilets / Pavilions / Night Clubs

Britex understands the importance of incorporating vandal resistant, low-maintenance, water efficient products into public amenity designs without compromising on aesthetics. These products are all robust, hard wearing, easy to maintain and can be found all over Australia in sports stadiums, entertainment venues, pubs, clubs, train stations and public toilet blocks.

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